About Compassionate Care

 Our Goals

  • To serve God and our clients at all times
  • To make all of our clients feel they are very special and valued individuals
  • To assist our clients in maintaining as much independence as possible
  • To assist our clients to achieving a high quality of life

Our Story

Learn all about WHY we do what we do in the video below.

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My Vision

I knew from my experiences that people who had been through most stages of life had a lot to offer if we simply stop and listen. My parents always invited elderly neighbors into our home and that planted the seed and later the vision for creating Compassionate Care.

“It’s not the elaborate homes, sporty cars or other material possessions that truly matter, rather, it is your faith and your family, and the rest will then fall into place.” was a common saying to hear from parents.

This mentality ignited a passion inside me to serve others and truly focus on developing meaningful relationships through care and companionship.

I grew up in a family of ten, and I always liked helping prepare meals, vacuuming and laundry! It energizes me to listen to others and help with these tasks. This created the foundation for our in-home services including cooking, assistance to appointments, church or even just a coffee date. And my dream to serve seniors became a reality in March of 2002. I ask God to guide us every step of our way. We are blessed with a wonderful caring staff who take to heart our ministry of service. I’ve learned that when you are walking in your correct course, your service becomes a pleasure, and you receive so much more than you are ever able to give. -Bev

Meet Our Office Team

Want to Learn More About Our Services?

Want to Learn More About Our Services?