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“There are no words that can express how much our family appreciates Bev and her Compassionate Care services. Both she and each one of her staff have made all the difference in the world with dad's care. Communication is so easy and flexible and it is evident their philosophy is about quality of life. Dad looks forward to each and every day of their time with him.”

The Brammer Family
New London, MN

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Our Mission at Compassionate Care:
Compassionate Care, Inc. strives to serve its clients with affordable, professional, and personal homemaker, transportation, overnight, and companionship services for the homebound and older adults. We help our clients maintain their independence in the security and familiarity of their home setting as long as possible.

Our Goals:
  • To serve God and our clients at all times
  • To make all of our clients feel they are very special and valued individuals
  • To assist our clients in maintaining as much independence as possible
  • To assist our clients to achieving a high quality of life

Our Vision:

To be recognized as a  trusted provider of in-home care services with the purpose of making our clients’ lives as meaningful, safe, secure, and as comfortable as possible.

Growing up in a family with parents that were excellent examples of inviting elderly neighbors to their home planted the seed and later vision for Bev Werder, founder of Compassionate Care, Inc. “I knew from my experiences that people Stimulation in Learning New Thnigswho had been through most stages of life had a lot to offer if we simply stop and listen.” Time after time they have stated, "It’s not the elaborate homes, sporty cars or other material possessions that truly matter, rather, it is your faith and your family, and the rest will then fall into place.” Elderly acquaintances in her growing up years as well as some of the experiences she had in her role later as a hospice volunteer brought out the desire to focus on what she had always truly wished she could do... work with elderly. Since putting her dream and vision to life, Bev adamantly claims that “I have chosen the right path for me and I have benefited so much by serving seniors.” She states, “When you are walking in your correct course, your service becomes a pleasure, and you receive so much more than you are ever able to give.”

Compassionate Care, Inc. began serving Willmar area seniors in March of 2002. Projects provide peacefulnessBev, herself, provided companionship and homemaker tasks to some of the first Compassionate Care clients and would not have had it any other way. Providing companionship and homemaker tasks such as cleaning and cooking as well as the listening and caring component have always been “very energizing to me". Preparing meals, vacuuming, laundry and general cleaning were the tasks that Bev most enjoyed growing up in a family of ten children. Since starting Compassionate Care, it has become so vividly clear to Bev that everyone should follow their dream and passion to attain a true feeling of purpose in life. “When you do what you love, you never spend another day at work.”

Although the business’ success has transitioned Bev into more of an administrative role, she still completes all of the Transportation to Appointmentsinitial, in-home consultations, routinely checks in with clients over the telephone to continue developing the relationship of trust. Bev fills in on occasional shifts when an assigned caregiver is on vacation or simply needs a break. Keeping in touch is very important as it allows Bev the opportunity to see if there is anything she can do to improve upon their service. It also allows her the opportunity to direct her clients to skilled care services as they progress with other needs. A typical day might include taking a client on a tour of an assisted living facility as he/she explores other options when living at home becomes too challenging. It might also mean making a quick trip to pick up a walker or taking someone to the doctor or dentist because of Compassionate Care's “on-call” service. It would not be surprising to see Bev taking a client to his/her worship service on a Sunday morning and maybe out for a cup of coffee afterwards. In addition, family members living at a distance often call Compassionate Care concerning issues that develop with their parent(s). They indicate having Compassionate Care services for their loved one becomes a gift to themselves because they wish they could be there and can't. Compassionate Care is like having another family member present. Often times it is those family members that call asking for a Compassionate Care gift certificate during the holidays, for birthdays or Mother and Father’s Day because it is a gift that is so personal and so appreciated.

Since 2002, Compassionate Care has steadily grown and the company attributes that to their pleased and satisfied clients who provide invaluable referrals. Physicians, social workers and other professionals regularly refer their patients to Compassionate Care. A local physician advised Bev that he sees his patients "less often when they are receiving Compassionate Care services as they are more stimulated, less depressed and they often feel much more like eating.” Bev is quick to give credit to her caregivers stating that, “They are the “heart” of the business and they are of immeasurable value to her and clients alike". Compassionate Care is a ministry of service for Bev. “I consistently ask God to guide us every step of our way. We are just so very blessed with wonderful caring staff, and the clients… well, no one will ever find a nicer more appreciative generation to serve.”



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